WDM Management Team

Sandra Williams

President and Chief Executive Officer of Williams Diversified Management/Materials Inc.

Mrs. Williams has a background in public education and accounting. She is the daughter of Vernon & Lucile Bingham, the founders of Bingham Sand & Gravel, Co., and the majority owner of WDM. She is involved in the daily operations at both the production operations plant in Treece, KS, and the corporate accounting headquarters in Baxter Springs, KS., where she oversees the business operations for all the family business ventures.

Thomas Brandon Williams

Vice-President of Williams Diversified Materials/Management, Inc.

Mr. Williams has an extensive business background in executive management, finance, purchasing, warehousing, and project management. He oversees and manages the Williams Family business ventures and is the driving force behind the expansion and diversification of WDM. Under his leadership, the company has seen positive production growth, higher returns on investment, and better vendor satisfaction on deliveries. He has also become more involved in the environmental venture, which was launched in 2015 and has seen rapid growth over the last five years. Under his leadership, WDM sees a positive outcome for the future.

Bill Buck

Secretary-Treasurer of Williams Diversified Management/Materials Inc. President of WDM Environmental

Mr. Buck’s business background in executive management, finance, purchasing, and warehousing, includes working with Walmart through international manufacturing and enter-port sea shipping. He oversees and manages the Williams Family business financials and accounting. He is responsible for monitoring the different company’s projects and tracking the billing/invoicing and accounts receivables in-order for those projects to remain solvent and financially productive.

Kyle Roblyer

Contracting Officer of WDM Environmental

Mr. Roblyer has worked in both the government and private sectors and has over 30 years of experience in executive contract management, finance, realty, purchasing, and project management. He assists in the pre-construction efforts, estimates/proposals, equipment rental, and business contact development. He is a former U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs employee who was retained to assemble the personnel and support staff team needed to make the contracting venture a reality. His primary focus of growth for WDM has been in the development of networking partnerships with similar SBA small businesses that focus on environmental remediation, heavy equipment site prep and construction engineering/site design projects.

William Kirby

Vice President of WDM Environmental, Operations/Project Supervising Manager

Mr. Kirby heads the supervisory staff and field operations teams. He has over 25 years of residential yard and large-scale soil remediation experience and an environmental assessment background. He has also worked in the heavy civil construction field throughout the United States. Mr. Kirby has specialized experience in operating light and heavy equipment on various environmental remediation projects, large construction projects, construction site development, and in-stream/over-bank projects. In addition, he has worked extensively as a Superintendent and Project Manager.

Jacob Williams

Estimator/Project Manager of WDM Environmental

As a recent graduate of Pittsburg State University, Mr. Williams brings a fresh perspective and insight to the field operations and project cost bidding process for the WDM Environmental team. He will help manage the various field projects that WDM is involved in while continuing to develop and expand opportunities for the environmental division of WDM.

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